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These are recipes that I have either made or are thinking about making. I had so many cookbooks and for the most part only a few of them I liked out of each. So I decided to make an electronic version of them. That was great as long as I had that computer with me and who wants to drag a laptop into the kitchen every time, so I did them online.

My mother and I a few years ago before she got sick from cancer (I will not capitalize it as it give it too much power in my life) we made everyone a binder with our recipes in them. Thing that we liked and cooked often and something we just thought they might like. It was a way to let our recipes go on rather than them just be forgotten or lost when we pasted.

My mother past last year (2012) and since we both shared a love to cook this blog is dedicated to her memory and I hope that you all enjoy making these as much as we did.

I will note the ones from her cookbook.

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